Extreme Pamplona

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意见 31546
节省 109
尺寸 493.09 K
扩大 .SWF
宽度 640
高度 480
星星 3
In this game you will run and run...

In this game you will run and run... all the time. You will travel through different countries and every time you must run away from the bull, crazy woman and many other strange characters. So, use all your skills and win this amazing online game! Are you a good runner? Then we will check it right now! Watch out! You must run all the time! So, just run out a mad bull before it sticks its horns in you. By the way, you can also travel to different parts of the world to complete the challenges therein once you finish the spanish bull level.

It is so easy to control, just use the arrow keys to move left or right and the spacebar or up arrow key to make the sure man power jump over food crates in the market. We know that you will cope with it. Are you ready? Then run!

Left key right key to run.
Up key or Space key to jump.


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